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If you would like a quote for an Arena Mirror Installation please contact the Team on 0330 133 1450


An Important Tool for Serious Training Any dressage rider will benefit from the addition of mirrors to their facility. Mirrors offer the ability to see the job you are doing and react to it immediately, without the intervention of a trainer or video. Your horse can feel the correction at the right time because you are able to see it in real-time. Your trainer can also explain what he or she wants from the movement and it will be clearer to you because you can see it. Through the use of mirrors, you will practice good habits, such as proper angle in your half passes and shoulders ins, or proper seat and leg position. If you are a trainer the help they give you in teaching flying changes or making sure the piaffe and passage are even and straight is absolutely irreplaceable. The more time you spend riding correctly the easier it is to repeat in the show arena Our clients tell us from the first day they used their mirrors they have noticed a huge improvement and wouldn’t be without them. Strategically placed mirrors in your arena are a valuable asset

Arena Training Mirrors

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