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About Us

Passionate About Being the Best

Cheshire Equestrian Surfaces was formed in 2019 by Andy and Faith after spending the last 12 years building a successful Tyre Recycling company that operated across the North West (AC Tyres Ltd).

Our 6-year-old daughter had just started riding lessons at a local riding school, so we decided to invest in the best machinery available to start turning our waste tyres into the North Wests best quality Equestrian chip!

Me & Faith.jpeg

To date we have invested well over £500,000 to give us what we belive is the cleanest Equestrian Rubber chippings on the market! We have two seperate shredding lines so even when one line is down for maintenance the other can continue to run, This gives us the ability to produce over 15 tonnes of Rubber chip per day.

We added an air transport system to the line in 2020 to pull all the finer material out of the product and added additional magnets to the system to give us a 99.99% wire free product.

We would love to show you how good our product is, so if you would like a sample please get in touch using our contact page.

We are also now looking into other products that we can produce from some of the waste rubber fines that the line produces and the Steel wire.

Delivery or Collection?
Try before you buy!
  • Available to be loaded loose or in 850kg bags

  • We can deliver bulk using our trusted hualage partners.

  • We can send on pallets using our pallet network.

  • For a free sample box of our Premium 20mm Equestrian Rubber Chip just fill in the contact form below and we will get a sample out to you in the post.

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